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Crystal Rhinestones


Popular for burlesque performers and those that love extra sparkle, we bring you a dazzling selection of rhinestones in a few types of quality to add on your corset. They are glued by hand with a heavy duty glue to ensure they do not fall off, though we do include a handful of rhinestones if fall out occurs. Typically we use two sizes of crystals in a corset. Quantities are available in Quarter, Half and Full amounts. The exact number of rhinestones varies depending on the sizes. We typically use SS12-SS30 sizes.

You can choose up to 3 colors for Quarter-Half coverage, and up to 5 colors for full coverage

Eco - These glass rhinestones are a great choice for those with a lower budget. Don't be fooled by the price though, the quality is still brilliant and shine beautifully under the spotlight and are popular in stage wear.

Preciosa - Czech Preciosa rhinestones are an excellent choice and are regarded as an industry rhinestone quality standard. They have a brilliant 12 facets for maximum light reflection and come in a large color selection. Perfect if you want quality but cannot afford Swarovski brand rhinestones. Comes in a wider selection of colors compared to Economical stones.

Swarovski is world renowned for their high precision cut crystals that have maximum brilliance against any light source. The Brightest Crystal in the World! It's the top choice for embellishing high-quality apparel.

Color Choices

Color availability may vary. The higher the quality of rhinestone, the more shades available because of exclusivity.