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Burlesque IX


This corset is covered in hand glued flatback Eco rhinestones. These acrylic rhinestones are a great choice for those with a lower budget. Although they are the lowest priced option we carry, the quality is still brilliant and shine beautifully under the spotlight. Precoisa is available under the listing Burlesque XIII and Swarovski Crystals are also available if you have a high budget for those who love luxury by contacting us. We use three to four different sizes of crystals to give the maximum sparkle and texture. You can choose up to 5 colours.

Find additions such as modesty panels and accents under Corset Add-Ons.

Submitting Order Details

To get your corset shape, colors and measurements to us you have to fill out the Order Specification Form. You can fill it out before or after purchasing online. We will review and contact you to confirm the details.
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Fabric Choices

Light Pink taffeta with light pink and Crystal AB rhinestones in Sweetheart/Gartered (Kelly Eden/Don Hales)
Purple satin with amethyst and Crystal AB rhinestones in Underbust/Low hip with matching bra (Raquel Reed/Steve Prue)