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Custom Costuming

Thanks for your interest in our custom costuming. Please read this page thoroughly as it has all the information you need.

Sweet Carousel is a corset and costume studio located in Edmonton, Canada. We make and ship costumes araound the world and you can often see Elise, the designer, traveling to support the burlesque community and sometimes arranging client appointment trips. Sweet Carousel's specialty is corsetry and lingerie but also makes other garments to match the costume. All garments are built to last and are a fair price. You can find our work all over the stages at international Burlesque Festivals and Competitions. The typical pricing for costumes range from $500-1500+, depending on complexity. Look through our online shop for an idea of our pricing.

Waiting List Time

We implement a waiting list for new projects so we can give 100% focus on the current projects and give us that amount of time to consider the process of your project. We have a Waiting list Form at the bottom of the page for you to fill out which will help make the process smooth.

We contact the waiting list every 4-6 weeks.

Project Turnaround Time

There are many factors that will determine the turnaround time. The main factor is material availability. For costumes with applique or specialty fabric, expect some extra time added to your turnaround. Other factors include fittings that may be required, rhinestone embellishing time and custom garment drafting. To ensure an optimal turnaround time, fill the waiting list application best you can, submit your measurements quickly, pay your deposits in a timely matter, and assistance with sourcing materials is always welcome.

4-6 Weeks: Corsets only
4-7 Weeks: Corsets and 2-3 lingerie pieces
8-12 Weeks: Costume with custom garments
We may discuss longer turnaround times with clients to help with their monthly budgeting.

Rush Project

We may be able to accomodate rush projects. Please contact us directly to arrange. Rush fees are approximately 20% of the final cost and are subject to availabilty.

Your Quote

The quote we give is as accurate as possible. The final price may change depending on factors we were not able to consider such as extra fittings, extra/updated shipping and extra material costs.


Once you accept the quote, we require a deposit. For orders under $800, we require a 50% deposit, for orders over $800, we require a 30% deposit. You can pay the remaining balance during the process, with the final payment due upon shipment. We accept Credit Card, Canadian Bank Payments and Paypal.

Costume Guarantee

We guarantee fit of our costumes at the time of shipment, if you receive the costume and it needs alterations, we are able to do them free of charge as long as you cover your end of shipping. Be aware that acts may evolve over time so costumes do too. If there are additions and alterations needed to better suit your performance that were not considered at the time of quote, that may incur fees.
We keep all the patterns of your garments for 5 years so we may be able to replace pieces if they get lost or need upgrading. This will also ensure the consistancy of any new costumes you order from us. If your fabric is unique and there are scraps left over, we usually send them to you with your costume. We do not replicate any costumes without permission of the original owner. Although we design your costume to be unique to your ideas, similarities in silhouettes may be common. We have a line of corset, lingerie and garment patterns that are a staple to our style.

Get on the Waiting List

We are currently building the form so for now please contact us with project information to get on the list.
To expedite the process, you can also submit your measurements to us.