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Corset Information

These are the silhouettes available in our main selection.
You can mix and match the upper and lower shape when choosing through your corset product options.

Upper Shapes

Underbust Balconette Sweetheart Plunge

Underbust These are half length corsets that start from below your bust, looks great under or over top of clothing. Matches well underneath or overtop your favorite luxury lingerie, dresses, or blouses. Ideal for those that want to waist-train as it does not interfere with your bust area. This style is included in the base price.
Balconette This bust shape has a slight upper curve and light shaping in the bust, ideal for those with smaller busts as it gives the ultimate push up. Best for busts A-C. This style is an additional $25 on top of the base price.
Sweetheart This bust shape has a very glamorous heart shape curve and nice shaping in the bust. This is our popular overbust style as it provides full coverage and the nicest shaping to the bust. Best for busts B-DD. This style is an additional $30 on top of the base price.
Plunge If you want to have the maximum cleavage and sex appeal, the plunge style is perfect. It goes a little higher at the top then the Sweetheart and then the center plunges down. Gives the best illusion of a supremely curvaceous silhouette. Best for bust sizes C-DDD. This style is an additional $30 on top of the base price.

Bust alterations are always free if you would like a style that might not suit your cup sizing but you really love the shape. We alter the bust upon request of if we see your bra size indicated in your order may require adjustments. Inner cups are available if you would like an extra push up.

Lower Shapes

Curved Long Line Low Hip Suspender

Curved This is the classic lower V shape, starts from the high-hip and plunges down the center. Covers everything you need covered and provides more space to move in then the Longline.
Long Line This style is our most popular because of the coverage. The side extend over to cover your hip area beautifully. It is curved a little bit on the front-sides to allow you to sit without the corset cutting at your legs.
Low Hip This style is for the advance corset wearer. The shape goes over the hips and over the back posterior. It gives the most amazing hip silhouette. This is advanced since it is a little harder to sit in and feels more constricting. It is best to purchase a modesty panel if you want your bottom covered. This style costs an additional $30.
Suspender This style features a unique patterning that is designed for those that want a more vintage girdle look. It has extra long pointed sides and tabs that you attach your garter straps to. It is ideal to purchase 6 garter straps to complete the look. This style costs an additional $15, garter straps not included.
Hobble Dress This style is available through special order only. It is the most constricting bottom style we have. The corset extends all the way to above or below the knees. A favorite with corset tight-lacing enthusiasts. It is best to purchase a modesty panel if you want your bottom covered. This style costs an additional $60-$100.


There are lots that go into corsets that meet the eye, here are some things that goes in the making of our corsetry!

Metal Boning
We use hand cut nickel-free spiral and spring metal boning throughout the corset. The flexible spiral throughout the corset for comfort and the ridged spring steel in the front and back where support is needed.

For the front opening, we use a top quality steel busk for easy on and off. Heavy-duty zippers are available for corsets used in costume and are inserted in a way that the zipper teeth are hidden.

All corsets are lined with a starched English coutil, which is a tightly woven herringbone fabric specially manufactured for corsetry and medical support garments that will not stretch or rip and last you years of wear.

Fused Fabric
Depending on the material, a top layer fashion fabrics may be fused to a thin layer of non stretch fabric to strengthen.

We hand cut all our binding for our corsets to ensure the colors match when they should and do not wrinkle or pull.

High Back
All corsets have a high back construction to prevent excess skin that may spill over the corset. Low back is available upon request.

Not Pictured:
• All corsets include a front modesty panel so skin doesn't show through.
• As a reinforcement, we sew in a waist tape at the waist in between the layers.
• We hand press two-piece grommets for the back closure and include a healthy amount of strong back lacing.