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There are lots that go into corsets that meet the eye, here are some things that goes in the making of our corsetry!

Metal Boning
We use hand cut nickel-free spiral and spring metal boning throughout the corset. The flexible spiral throughout the corset for comfort and the ridged spring steel in the front and back where support is needed.

For the front opening, we use a top quality steel busk for easy on and off. Heavy-duty zippers are available but not recommended. We will only do corsets without a busk if it's for evening wear as they are very hard to put on and get off.

All corsets are lined with a starched English coutil, which is a tightly woven herringbone fabric specially manufactured for corsetry and medical support garments that will not stretch or rip and last you years of wear.

Fused Fabric
Depending on the material, a top layer fashion fabrics may be fused to a thin layer of non stretch fabric to strengthen.

We hand cut all our binding for our corsets to ensure the colors match when they should and do not wrinkle or pull.

High Back
All corsets have a high back construction to prevent excess skin that may spill over the corset. Low back is available upon request.

Not Pictured:
• All corsets include a front modesty panel so skin doesn't show through.
• As a reinforcement, we sew in a waist tape at the waist in between the layers.
• We hand press two-piece grommets for the back closure and include a healthy amount of strong back lacing.