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FAQ and Care

I need the corset sooner then the estimated turn-around time, do you do rush orders?
It all depends on our work load and material availability. Please contact us and we'll see if we can rush an order for you. Rush orders may incur extra work and/or shipping fees.

Can I choose a different combination of colours or fabrics for your designer collection pieces?
Our entire line is just an example of the designs we can make. Any changes you would like to a certain corset, even the silhouette of it, can be changed. Please contact us and we will gladly show you the options available.

Can you make a fully custom corset, garment or gown for me?
Our main specialty is custom! Please contact us with your ideas and any reference photos and we can design something together. It is ideal to give us at least 2 months advance notice in case we have to special order any materials. Depending on the project, you may need to pay for a mock up to ensure the best fit. Please check our Custom Designs page for an example of our work.

Can I send you a specific fabric to make a corset out of?
If the fabric is suitable for the project we definitely can. We can approve many types of fabric because the top layer is only for fashion as the bottom layer is the strength fabric. Quality of the material expected is something non-stretch and is not see-through. We may ask you to mail in a swatch for approval. For a single corset, we require at least 1.5 meters of fabric.

I live in or will be visiting the Edmonton area. Do you take personal appointments?
Yes! We run a private studio located in the heart of downtown Edmonton that is easily accessible through the transit system. We prefer 3 days notice although we usually can accomodate same day requests. This is not a shop setting so we do not carry a stock of items to browse. We often visit Calgary and can do appointments there as well. Contact us to set up an appointment.

Why are your corsets so inexpensive/expensive?
The pricing is built to be as fair as we can make it for both the customer and for us to properly run our business. Our corsets are made with top quality materials and methods. Everything is made and drafted in-house and not offshore. The fit of our corsets are superior to store bought bustiers and corsets which are not made to last. We buy our base materials right from the manufacture to lower the costs and give our customers the best price possible.

Do your corsets fit male figures?
Styles on our website are made specifically for female figures, but will happily help fit the corset to your unique build. We have experience with all gender spectrums including transitioning individuals.

I have back issues that a corset may help with, can you make a corset to help with my posture?
Yes we make corsets with those with posture issues. Depending on your condition a corset can help correct and alleviate any pain. We will only take the order if you consult a medical professional about how a corset can help you as we are not medically trained to remedy conditions.

Care & Wear

Even though a corset is a heavy duty garment, any improper handling can lessen its lifespan so reading this over will help your investment last a lifetime! This information will be included with your corset for you to save and reference.

When you first receive your corset it will be stiff as it is freshly made and the corset coutil layer has a light starch finish. You must allow some time for your corset to mould itself to your body to become comfortable. Do not let anyone else wear your corset as it will re-adjust the mould.
For your initial wear do not tighten the corset all the way. It should be snug for 20 minutes to let the corset warm up to your body then tightened further to complete the reduction. It may take a few wears to close your corset completely. Even at its tightest, your corset should be comfortable and should not restrict your breathing. You must listen to your body. Unlace and take off your corset if you start to feel uncomfortable.

Your corset should not be cleaned too often as it may lessen the quality of your corset over time. To keep your corset from getting dirty quickly, it is recommended that you wear a liner underneath the corset. It may be a tube top, mesh girdle, or modified tank top. This will help keep skin flakes and oils away from your corset. You should lay and air out your corset after every use. You can spray Febreeze sparingly to freshen up and get rid of odours. You can use spot cleaners to remove soiled spots. You will eventually need a professionally cleaning. Corsets are DRYCLEAN ONLY as there are metal components in the corset that can rust if it comes in contact with liquid. Take your corset to a trusted drycleaners and make sure they know that there are metal components inside the corset. If your corset comes with detachable garters, please remove them before cleaning. They can be hand-washed and laid to dry. The grips in the garters will melt instantly if they are put through the dryer.

Make sure you loosen the back laces entirely before putting on the corset. Do not EVER attempt to put on or take off a corset with the laces tightened as you can risk damaging the busk closure and cause unnecessary strain. Wrap the corset around your torso with the correct side up (Inner label should be on the left side) and carefully close the front busk. It will take a few tries to get used to doing so. Make sure they are all properly closed, if not the pressure will not be distributed evenly. Wiggle around and shift the corset to make sure it is properly centered on your body. Even though it is handy to have a friend lace up your corset for you, it is best for you to do it yourself. It will take a few tries to get used to it but at the end you will prefer it. Grasp the lacing loops that are located at the waist, pull on them firmly to get rid of the excess slack. Now start from the top of your corset and work the excess lacing down to the loops. It should be a bit tight but comfortable. Now work the bottom laces up to the loops. The corset back closure should be parallel to each other and not flared out anywhere. Tighten the laces further if needed. Tie off the loops like a bow and tuck under the excess length into your corset or lacing. Do not knot in case you need to get out of the corset quickly.

Make sure to store your corset in a dry and dark place. Laying the corset flat with the busk closed is best. It is ideal to have a lightly perfumed sachet near the corset to keep it fresh.


Do you offer wholesale?
Yes! We offer wholesale to registered businesses around the world. Please fill out the wholesale account form and upon approval we will send you a pricing package or work with you to craft a custom package.

I have a burlesque or performance group order I would like to do, can we discuss a discount?
Yes we would be happy to give discounts for group orders. Please email us with your ideas, budget, and quantities and we'll give you a quote and group order package.